Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Speed boat trip to Koh Tachai.

The big event was a boat trip......not a normal everyday, long tail boat trip; this was a speed boat trip.
We needed speed for we had a long way to go......70 Kms out into the Andaman Sea.
We were picked up at the hotel before 8 o'clock and were taken to a meeting point where any number of trips were going out.
About 20  of us went to our boat. They were all young Thais.....we were The Monks.

This is not our boat - but ours was very like it.
We did not leave the naval port under such blue skies.

Quite cloudy.

This is Tommy....the leader of the group of crew and cooks who were our hosts for the day.

We bounced over the water....whooshing along really fast.
It was windy......speed or ominous sign of poor weather?

I was very glad of that scarf.

Jessica wished she had my scarf!
We enjoyed being at the front of the boat though.

Tommy and the crew knew that we were heading into a rain storm.
And when it came, it came quickly.
I am not sure why we dashed inside the was just as wet.
Yes, there was a roof......but the sides were open.
Soon everybody was soaked through to the skin. Cameras and bags had been grabbed and put inside a cupboard.
We continued to bounce along at great speed, everybody starting to feel a bit chilly.
Worse for Bill.....he was sick.

It was still pouring with rain when we arrived at the island....Koh Tachai.
This is one of the Similan islands, renowned for good diving. Koh Tachai is the closest to the mainland.
All we could do was to hurry and scurry and find shelter.
We stood about and waited.
I decided I could get no wetter!

And then it was all over.
The clouds disappeared, the sun shone from a bright blue sky and it was hot, hot, hot!
The crew began cooking and sorting out snacks and drinks for us.
It was time to explore.
Exploration pictures will appear next time.

I will complete today's posting with pictures from the return the sunshine.

We had to clamber aboard a flat bottomed boat to be taken back to the speedboat.
That's "our" beach in the background.

Everybody (except Bill and me) jumped off the boat before we left the island and snorkelled.

Jamie and Jess return to the boat.

Homeward Bound.