Monday, May 20, 2013


B's birthday..

Today has been Bill's birthday.
Poor dear - he is very wary of the advancing years.
But I do know that 73 years ago he must have given such joy and delight to his mother, aunties, grandmother.
I am not sure if his father was at home when he was born......9 months after the outbreak of war. I know that Bill saw almost nothing of his father for the first 5 years.

But here he is, not quite 2, with both his parents.Presumably just before his father was sent abroad.

Today has been a work day......and haven't I worked!!!
I decided that one thing I could give to Bill was my time and my expertise.
I re-arranged his section at the shop.

Bill feels that he is a model car man......but my experience tells me that it is the miscellaneous vintage things which are selling well.

We have been busy most of the day.
We briefly had a coach load of Americans in......very briefly.
These were members of the Mayflower Association......all of them were descendents of people who had travelled to America on The Mayflower.
One of the women was a Mullins - direct descendent of William Mullins who lived in the old house directly opposite our shop.
Their coach had dropped them off to take a few photos.....about 15 minutes they had.
Then they would be whisked away to other relevant sites.

I decided that Bill should celebrate his birthday with cake.

He liked it so much that he ate almost all of the second one (mine!). But maybe he saved from the dangers of fresh cream.
Such dangers......I actually had bought 2 other cakes; fresh cream slices.
I decided I would have  a bit of one.
I dropped it - fresh cream everywhere!
Just five minutes later, I dropped it again.......even more fresh cream over the floor and the desk.
One customer enjoyed the entertainment!

We had fish and chips this evening. Bill had talked of this "ideal" meal almost everyday whilst in Thailand.
Today he failed to eat it all.
Tomorrow we will go to Wetherspoons for their steak club evening.