Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Takua Pa Old Town.

On our first afternoon in Khao Lak, we drove the short distance north to Takua Pa. Takua Pa is a province with its main town of that name.
Most of the main town has only been fairly recently developed.
Old Takua Pa is little more than a village these days......it was our second visit there.
In the intervening three years, the powers that be have realised that they have a little gem. Very gradually it is being promoted as a historical site of interest.
One day, maybe, it will be on the tourist trail.....but not now.
It reminds me of old Phuket Town....the arched walkways by the road, the Chinese influence on the buildings etc.

Election posters were everywhere. We constantly passed the images of Mr One and Mr two as we drove places. I stay detached from Thai politics......a democracy, of course, but with strings.

Opposite the Chinese shrine was a place where people gathered to chat and drink.
And watch the world go by.

Underneath the arches - shady pavements.
The buildings are known as shop houses. Secure lock up shops below 2 floors of living quarters.
Often the shop and living quarters feel much like the same thing.

Woman sits outside her shop/house.

Fruit drink seller.

Across the street - Bill and Jamie.

With a little something from the snack stall.

She's just fine.....lively, alert and interested.

But at her age it is quite normal for a bit of "not another historical site of interest!"

One shop has opened, hoping for the developing tourist market.
I wonder if it will survive.

We helped it on its way - buying a small clock.

My turn for the doorway picture.

We do like windows and doors.

I have an almost identical picture from 3 years ago.
Old tins on the shelf in the corner cafe.

Near the Chinese Buddhist shrine.

The Monks of 119 land.