Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Tamnang waterfall. Phang Nga National Park

The hills of Phang Nga are very beautiful, with streams tumbling down to the coastal plain.
In places streams plunge down steep drops creating great waterfalls.
We visited some whilst staying in Khao Lak.
The first was Tamnang waterfall......which the family had visited before.
It involved a short walk through the jungle.

As you can see the path is easy....at this point.

I got to the waterfall on a high path.
To get down to the water I would have had to negotiate a steep rocky drop.
The family were already enjoying the water....so I mad me way back until I could get into the stream and wade along to join them.

More impressive from the stream.

But we were not there for the waterfall alone.

We had already fed fish further downstream....hundreds of them, big and flapping excitedly when food appeared.

My grand daughter feeds fish.

There were other people about - not a lot; but tourists do reach this spot, part of the Phang Nga National Park.
One Russian beauty and her man were enjoying playing at being beauty model and ace photograher!

She enjoyed swimming with the fish.

Everybody did......yet again, I didn't have swimming gear with me.

I kept my bright orange crocs on because tender nerve endings in my feet make walking on anything other than a smooth surface quite painful.

My grand son surrounded by fish.
I am not sure if he truly enjoyed having his toes nibbled!

My daughter in law took a leaf from the Russian beauty's book!

As I said the family have been to this waterfall before.
Here is his blog account, with photographs of that day.