Friday, May 24, 2013


Catch up.

A brief news blog....there probably will be no blog at all tomorrow.
We have a very busy weekend.

The end of this week has been so cold.....very cold for the end of May.
Yesterday it was very cold and windy; today it has been wet too.

We went to Ford yesterday morning. Everybody was talking about feeling cold. We bought some things and scurried to Littlehampton to get inside, in the warm, for breakfast.
We just didn't fancy a walk in the cold wind at all.

Today I have made some preparations for the weekend.
The duties of all my timekeepers for Sunday have been sorted. Let's hope the Sussex Championships have some better weather,
I have written up all yesterday's purchases and have them in a box to take to the shop tomorrow.
It is one of my occasional Saturday duty days.

In the evening we are driving east to a village near Gravesend.
We are going to a party - a 60th birthday party for somebody we have never met.
Recently I have been in contact with a cousin I have not met (oh the joys of a complicated family history!). It is my cousin's husbands birthday party.
I really look forward to meeting them and also my cousin's mother (my aunt) who I have met, perhaps twice.
During the evening their will be music from my cousin's son.
His group, Charming, are playing in Bath this evening and I know my cousin is there.
So a busy time for them too.

I hope that if you have plans for this Bank Holiday weekend, the weather doesn't interfere and spoil things.