Sunday, May 26, 2013


Sunday evening.

Tonight I am tired.....following up on this busy weekend will begin again tomorrow; along with more Thailand photos.
Yesterday we were out from half nine in the morning until midnight.
The shop was busy. Hooray!
The family party was lovely and I felt privileged to be there and a pride that I belonged with the new family members that I met.
The band, Charming,.....were musically good and entertaining and were just "charming".
I do have pictures.
This morning we were up early and at the track for 10 o'clock.
It has been a lovely day - sunshine, friends, support in our team. Very relaxing...and yet a long day which leaves me a bit weary.
Happy for the athletes who achieved what they hoped for....could be a medal or it could be a personal best.
Tomorrow we will go to a boot sale for a while. It's quite close to Brighton, so will probably go there afterwards.
The distance is short enough to go and by fuel for the car there....the cheapest in Sussex.
Hard to believe that we saw diesel for the car at 16p a litre more than at Asda in Brighton, whilst on the A2 yesterday evening.
Hope everybody else is enjoying the sunshine (makes a delightful change doesn't it?) and hope you are having some fun this holiday weekend.