Thursday, May 30, 2013


Back to The Beach Bar.

So, what is a family to do after a drive back in the rain of Phang Nga Province to a sunny Phuket?
Let's take a vote on it........unanimous decision......"Let's go to The Beach Bar".
I am so glad that we did.
I had asked Jamie if they ever get singers at The Beach Bar anymore.
I remembered a lunchtime with singers in 2007.
"No" he said "they don't come bigger venues now".
But that night they were there!
The same guy and a friend.
They played gentle rock, country and western.....all that I could recognise.

We sat down at our table and enjoyed the music and the sunset.

The tide was low....coming in. Fishermen were hopeful of a successful catch on the incoming tide.

Jamie enjoys his world.
His family, The Beach Bar, the music.

Love it that my grand daughter enjoys the quirky and likes to photograph things from strange angles.

Just a bottle of water.

I enjoy my son's world.

Music certainly pulled people in to The Beach Bar.

Happy with a bottle of Chang!

The musicians took a break......and another took over.
My 8 year old grand son  finally got hold of the is a passion.

Across Chalong Bay the lights twinkle.