Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Cliff and River. Khao Sok.

Back to least the rain is warm there!
And there was rain......when we arrived at The Cliff and River Resort in Phang Nga National Park, it felt like a good time to curl up with  a book.....having first enjoyed the views of course.
We have been there once before......and the family several times.
My, didn't it rain last time we were there!
But only for an hour or so.
This resort is built on the side of a steep hill, with log cabins, a swimming pool and pretty gardens.

This photo was taken in 2010. It is the view from reception.

That's the view from our jungle hut.
The building at the bottom of the hill is the restaurant.

I saw the bird fly by our balcony.

He landed on trees to our right.
Some sort of heron.

Yes, the rains came......but what  a bonus came with the rain.
Taken by Jamie.

Another photograph from Jamie.....who was entranced by the view to the right of our huts.

In the morning the mist drapes over the cliff and hills.
Time to go down to breakfast.

Breakfast is included in the price.
It is  a buffet breakfast with choices from Thai style breakfasts and what they perceive might be a European style breakfast.
It was tasty and plentiful.

Bill leaves the restaurant.

That's our hut up on the hill.

Rustic wooden garden furniture is popular in Thailand.
But, in truth, it isn't very comfortable.

We always count the steps....and then forget how many there are.
I think it was 68.
Quite a climb!

I am thinking that probably Bill found the steps somewhat easier 3 years ago!

Straight to the pool after breakfast.

My grand daughter sat by the pool, doing things on her tablet.

Time to return to our hut and pack up for the where?
Maybe to stop in Khao Lak again.

Strange couple on the next balcony.

Does he think he is Usain Bolt?

No - he thinks he is Mo Farrah!

In the event, we didn't stop at Khao Lak that night.
By the time we reached there it was pouring with rain.
We continued on, back over the Sarasin Bridge to Phuket.
We returned to Khao Lak a few days later.

Of course, Jamie has been to Khao Sok before and reported a visit on his blog.

He wrote this 3 years ago.....oh how our grandchildren have grown in that time!