Thursday, May 30, 2013



Fruit is an important part of the diet in Thailand.
I mostly enjoyed mine in drink form - pineapple and water melon shake being my favourites.
In some restaurants the shakes cost the equivalent of a UK pound....these are often decorated with orchids, to add a bit of class.
You can also buy the drinks at the roadside, being freshly made as you wait.
Here they cost somewhere between 35 to 40p. No orchids!
There is a woman in the local village who does them......but she had often run out of fruit by the time we got there!
We also bought in Phang Nga.
The woman worked outside a supermarket - the only shop for miles around. It is very rural where we were and even small villages are far apart.

First remove as many seeds as possible.
Then chop watermelon into chunks to go into the blender.

Blitz the fruit with a lot of ice cubes and a small amount of sugar syrup.

Pour into plastic cups.
Pop on a domed lid with a straw....a straw with  a little scoop on one end.
Place the cup in a plastic bag with 2 handles and its ready to take away.
Oh my.....I could do with one now!

I have had fruit today.....cooked fruit.
I remember my Thai daughter in law querying "cooked fruit?".
Today we had fruit that it is not possible to eat raw......though of course it is not strictly a fruit.
We, in the UK, all know rhubarb. Thai people will not know it.
In the UK at this time of year, people who like rhubarb are often happy recipients of sticks of it because it can grow rampant in gardens.

Rhubarb is needs some sugar in the cooking. I used brown sugar.

The fruit is now ready for the crumble.

Flour and maragarine.

The recipe books then tell you to rub the fat into the flour.

Until, say the books, it is the consistency of breadcrumbs.

Add some sugar and stir it in.

The crumble goes on top of the fruit.

Ready for the oven.

There you are, daughter in law, you know how to cook a rhubarb crumble.......if you had an oven and if rhubarb was a Thai fruit.

I also made a fruit salad with things that needed eating up.

Not cooked, of course.

Serve with custard - a bit too milky for my taste.
Wish we had had some ice cream or sorbet.

At least daughter in law might recognise the bowl.
I bought it whilst with her 3 weeks ago in SuperCheap.

Some other food today was prepared for me.
Bill's sister (P) came and had a late lunch in The Jack Fairman with us.(Horley Wetherspoons).
After 2 o'clock they do a cheap price meal.
We had gammon - 2 good chunks, 2 eggs, chips and a J2O fruit drink for £4.
We sat there and chatted for almost 3 hours....whilst rain beat down on the roof and onto those scurrying by outside, heads bowed under umbrellas.
I hope there is better weather on her actual birthday.

And food was enjoyed (with music) at The Beach Bar.......scroll down.