Monday, June 03, 2013


Fish and chips on Box hill.

We were late home from the shop this evening.
No, not bothered by late customers.......I had planned a little outing.
We bought fish and chips - one large (ish) portion shared between us and then drove up the zig zag road to the top of Box Hill, to enjoy the view and the late afternoon sunshine.
It was lovely.


My little Lumix has a really good telephoto lens.
Look how well it has captured Dorking church....which is actually in the above picture too.

That's Brockham village.

Gatwick Airport is not far beyond.

We had already picked out Chanctonbury Ring on the South Downs.
It is still not as definite a feature as it once was before the 1987 great storm wreaked havoc.

England's green and pleasant land.
Wow! It's more than just pleasant - it is beautiful.