Sunday, June 02, 2013


Thalang Road. Phuket

Darkness it does somewhere between half past six and seven every evening.
We went for a stroll in Thalang Road.
This street is at the centre really of old Phuket, with its Chinese style shop houses.
It has also become the centre of the preservation of Phuket history and beauty.
It has become one of our favourite places to full of life and character.

First a drink in Kopitiam.
My choice - pea flower and soda.

Kopitiam is more than a cafe - it is like a Phuket museum, with many pictures and artefacts from the family's beginnings in Phuket.

My grand son investigated the old typewriter.

I like the display of old roof tiles.

A new door - but fits in with the street history.

Soi Romanee ---a narrow street which links Thalang Road with a parallel busy road.

Outside the cafe Glastnost we began  a session of portraits in doorways.

Bill and I discovered this cafe. in 2009..... a political centre with a resident lawyer. Jazz plays on disc.....and frequent jazz sessions are held.

My son tells me that it has changed since those days, though.

Having afternoon tea in Glastnost.May 2009.
The tea was specially blended from an old Chinese recipe and served to us by the lawyer man.

My grand daughter is cheating!

She is standing on the door step! I am just taller than her......and I am about 171 cms.

Posing to show the arched pavements alongside these old streets.

I wonder how many times those tiles have been photographed?
I certainly have featured them before over a number of years.
Love the art nouveau style ones under the window.

Underneath the arches.

I leave a little bit of my heart each visit in Thalang Road (TH is pronounced just as T). I bring home good memories.