Saturday, June 01, 2013


Koh Rang Yai

After lunch we clambered aboard the log tail boat, wobbling from side to side......but I sat down safely.
And off we went to Rang Yai Island.
The weather was clearly on the turn.....low season brings some rain.

That's not our destination......there are dozens of small islands off the east coast of Phuket.

Once on the island we were surrounded by approaching rain. That's Phuket across the water.

But eastwards the weather looked brighter and the water was warm.

Sunshine for my swim.

Yes, that's me kicking up a splash.

Pouring with rain over Phuket......happily it didn't reach our little island.
Koh (Island) Rang yai is a privately owned island which offers activities for day trips or overnight stays in tents or bamboo bungalows.
Mostly people come over from Phuket for day trips and the numbers are small.
At 4 o'clock the day trippers leave.
When we were there it seemed completely empty after they had gone.
Time for us to have some fun.

My grand daughter loved having a school friend with us for the day.

The sky was much brighter when we climbed aboard the long tail boat again.
Lovely journey back.

Bright sky.....but windy.
I love the way the wind has caught school friend's hair.

I love the floating fishermen's huts. Some are freshly painted and colourful and others are quite dilapidated.

It felt really tranquil out on the sea.
We were alone in our boat with the gentle life of Phuket fishermen around us.....any tourists had gone.
OK - yes, we were also tourists.......but somehow not the same for the family is part of Phuket.
We are far removed from the wealthy Russians!

Thank you son for sorting all the details of a happy day out for both young and old.