Sunday, June 02, 2013


An etherium at the car boot sale.

Lovely sunny morning.
I got up early and took myself off to a car boot sale.
It's a lovely site.......

Behind me are all the stalls and loads of people.
I took some pictures as I went round for a second an impression of car boot sale life to Mam in Thailand.
Most of the stalls - as is usual at an ordinary car boot sale - are full of the 21st century items that people are fed up with already.
I can sometimes find useful items - but nothing to sell on.
Today I found the stall holders who had been clearing Auntie's house.....they sold well to me.
Did I buy an etherium?
That's the word on it.
It is a very large stone container with a tap at the bottom with the words ETHERIUM   DRINKING WATER.
I have found examples on line......but I still don't know what the etherium means.

Bill stayed home and when I returned he was out mowing lawns.
The peonies in the front garden are just bursting into flower......they were dug up from Bill's childhood home in 1992.

We rested this afternoon. I gently watched others taking exercise....a triathlon.

Time for a drink. Time for an early night. Back to the shop tomorrow.