Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Ifield Mill.

Ifield Mill

I wish I could find a photograph of the Ifield Mill I remember from childhood. It is not far from my childhood home.
But as far as I remember we went there rarely - did we ever go?
It was a ruin.
I can remember the adventure of being there with school friends one time.
At that time the mill was part of rural longer used and rather dilapidated and decayed.
Fortunately it was taken over by the industrial archaeology society and has been restored. It is possible to visit on the last Sunday of each month during the summer.
One Sunday we must go.
The mill, the mill pond and surrounding meadows are a real oasis within the town - stuck between the New Town neighbourhoods of Ifield, Gossops Green, Ifield West and Bewbush.

Today we were glad to rediscover this little gem.

I do remember the wheel from childhood....almost no blades and water tumbling down from the pond.

It will look so lovely soon when the water lilies bloom.

And soon all the yellow irises will be out.

That's me among the buttercups.

The buttercups have been amazing this year.

The hawthorn blossom is now looking good.
After the coldest Spring for 50 years maybe it should be lovingly called June blossom.......but May blossom sounds prettier. And that is its old rural name.

The Mill House was built around 1550.
Others will know more about its early history.
I know that there were thoughts of demolishing it as the New Town expanded. Fortunately it survived.
It has been renovated into a character pub.
We enjoyed a comfortable sofa and a try the new range of Horsham ales; they are very good. My choice today was Pullman Ale.