Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Back to Kaho Lak.

We liked it so much that we had to go back......back to Khao Lak.
The good people of the Nang Tong hotel, by the long sandy beach welcomed us back.
We enjoyed a couple of trips out to waterfalls, but mostly we took the opportunity to relax, enjoy the beach, the pool, the restaurant and the hot sunshine.

Morning time at the restaurant by the beach.

Lunch time.
Probably the only difference between this chicken noodle dish and one served at a street side noodle shop is that at the hotel it is served in a china bowl, not a plastic one.

My grand daughter on the path back to our rooms.

The hotel ginger cat came to see us at our table.

He came to see Bill and me again when we went for cool afternoon drinks.

Ginger made friends with Bill.

Lots of these wall plaques decorated the buildings.