Friday, June 07, 2013


We had a good afternoon out.

No pictures today.....
hardly any words.
We have been out - though not as we planned.
We walked a lot and we feel tired.
The plan had been to visit The South of England Show.
It was grey and windy first thing....but surely it would improve.
No......things got worse.
The skies grew darker, thunder crashed and rumbled and the rain began.
Surely it would improve?
We waited......but it didn't seem to be a day for wandering round the show ground. We'll have to make an appointment for next year instead.
We went to Brighton.
I don't know when the weather improved in Crawley.......but Brighton had heard no thunder and seen no rain; well not that we could see. It was hot and sunny.
We had some lunch. We walked and looked at the quirky side of Brighton life.
I enjoyed a blood orange sorbet on the beach.
We walked back to the marina.....where we had parked the car for free. None of this ridiculous £25 parking charge for us.
I'll get some pictures on the blog tomorrow. I hope. We will be at the track for a long day.....but I am not chief timekeeper. I can relax and chat more then ever!