Thursday, June 06, 2013


Horsted Keynes Walk.

Lat week we enjoyed a walk from Horsted Keynes village (Keynes - pronounced Canes)
It is part of the high weald of Sussex and the village these days is well know as a centre for The Bluebell Railway - though the station is some distance from the village.
I had picked up the Ordnance Survey map and devised a walk of about 3 miles which passed a series of lakes and ponds. These are now private fishing waters for various fishing clubs.

We parked the car close to Horsted Keynes church.

Lots of bee hives in a small field just past the church.

The Sussex Border Path then took us into woodland.

The first lake was the biggest.

The old bench was by a smaller lake.
Lovely to sit and gaze at the reflections, the green and the huge fish. Obviously the fishing clubs manage the lakes very well.

We returned to the village along narrow country lanes.

There were fine views across the valley.....West Hoathly church in on the hill top beyond.

We left the lane and took a footpath down into the valley and then climbed back up to the village.

Willow warblers are not birds we see so very often - so it was a good moment.
I am assuming I have it right.....the light coloured legs tell me this is a willow warbler, not a chiffchaff.

When we reached the village, The Green Man pub was open and we called in for a very welcome drink.
It was a free drink......for I had picked up a neatly folded £5 note along the footpath.
Sympathy to the one who had lost it.....and thank you for the drinks.

I am drinking a porter from a brewery at Hammerpot - close to the south coast and Littlehampton.
So comfortable on that deep leather sofa.