Saturday, June 08, 2013



Unillustrated again!
We have been out all day....and it felt like a very long day.
Wind problems......not personal, for I don't inflict with you with stories of those!
The north east wind made the day less than perfect.
The strength of that wind made June feel like January!
We were timekeeping at the Crawley track....our seats sit high up at one end of the spectators' stand.
They were fortunate - they could move if they wanted.
The skies were blue and the sun shone on the track....yes, the wind down there did have a chilly nip to it.
It was biting where we were with fierce teeth.
The roof of the stand shaded us from the sun's rays. We sat there with as many clothes as we could muster....wish I had had my gloves with me.
The fingers that get badly affected by cold went numb and painful and lost strength.
And yet, I guess we were happy to be there.....old friends gathered together to work and chat.
I was not chief timekeeper today.....glad of that; after a while the cold made it difficult to keep concentration.
As luck would have it Chief Barbara had arranged the timekeepers so that Bill was sitting with me. This meant I could quietly give reminders about his duties.
I do hope it is his under active thyroid that is causing the vagueness about everything. I am thinking it (if that's what it is) has been a problem for a long time.
Certainly something has got trapped in the past.
This morning we set off for the track and he attempted to go in the wrong direction until I corrected him. He thought he was just fine......but he was going to the old track, which went some years ago.
The racing was good.....some very tight finishes. That's the way we like it......young people caring very much about their performance.

And we got the same this evening.
I don't watch the whole long series of Britain's Got Talent - but I have watched the semi finals and tonight's final.
There were a lot of finalists who were Under 16s......and they obviously had nurtured their talents and cared very much about their performances.
I was impressed.
Most of all I was impressed with an adult dance group......Britain has been welcoming and awe inspired by their talent......Hungarian talent actually.
We have now seen 3 different shadow ballets.....almost imperceptively dancers (singly and in groups) evolve into objects, animals, buildings and their dances tell a beautiful wordless story.

If you haven't seen any of their performances - give yourself a couple of minutes seeing an autobiographical piece by the group's choreographer.

They will be wanted worldwide, but I do hope they remember that Britain saw their talent and we would love to see them performing live.
I am so glad that that British people, in the main, were not worried to be voting for foreigners.

A day to remark on people's strengths.
Nelson Mandela has shown remarkable strength and the world has been blessed that his life has been so long.
I wish him a peaceful passing when his time comes. Sounds like it could be quite soon.