Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The journey home from Khao Lak.

I decided to take photographs as we drove home from Khao Lak to Phuket.
Just quirky things.
And things that we didn't drive by too fast....before I snapped the shutter.

Driving along behind son's pick up truck.
I love the street lights.

The good thing about driving in Thailand is that vehicles drive on the left, like us in the UK.
This is dual carriageway here.
Except motor bikes.....they travel as the rider wishes.
Often motor bikes are to the left of us coming in the opposite direction.

Basically there is just one north south main road on Phuket and it can get busy.
There is a 7Eleven on the left.......a chain that is doing its best to wipe out little independent shops.
Same story in all the developed world.

The road is dual carriageway.
Road signs are in Thai and English.....so at least we know where we are going.

Gateway to Thalang. It is in the centre of the island and was once the business capital.
Pictures of The Royals are everywhere....the king is treated with great love and respect.....almost like a god.
He became King in 1946 at the age of 19. Much of his early life was spent in USA and Switzerland.
He has, I think, adopted a more westernised approach to politics than some of the politicians of today.
Thailand will be grief stricken at his passing and there may be family struggles to sort out the succession. Long may he reign!

This picture seems to say a lot.
The huge, huge advertising hoarding for a shiny new car towering over the corrugated metal shack - home to somebody.

The Heroines Roundabout.
The heroines lived in the 1700s and tricked a huge invading Burmese army into believing that the Thais had an even larger army. The Burmese retreated.

Chinese shrine by the main road.....only recently completed.

We queued alongside a Koko Crunch van.

At Tesco Lotus junction....nearly home.

Tesco Lotus......huge.
Surrounded by many other shops and cafes and banks within the Tesco Mall.
It sells pretty much the same as we might get in the UK and lots lots more.
Fruits and vegetables are different of course.
And I don't see many people in England going for the pig legs.
What I have noticed is that most of what is sold is made in Thailand.

Gateway to Kathu.

Road to Kathu.
Where is the traffic?
It can be a bit manic.
And now that our grandchildren's school has moved to this road the problems can only get worse.
We left on the first day of the new school term......traffic was gridlocked.

Our son's house is off the road to Kathu.
This is the view opposite his junction.
The lakes are not natural....they are left over workings from the old tin mines.

The road out to son's house.
I am cheating....this picture is 6 years old.