Sunday, June 16, 2013


Buckland Village Open Gardens.

Another day.....another village.
Today we have been to Buckland; passed it by on many an occasion, lying as it does astride the A25 between Dorking and Reigate.
I had looked for a special afternoon and Buckland gave it to us.
It was a charity open gardens afternoon.
After a morning of drizzle, we were all fortunate that the sun came out.
There were 10 gardens to visit.....and a village to look at.
One of the gardens was extra special for us as you will see.
There were opportunities for plant buying and wonderful teas to eat.
I have fallen back in love with lupins.......must have more lupins!
The pictures generally tell their own few words; except for that special feature.

One of the plus points for me about rain is raindrops on leaves.

And there you have it....the special feature.
A windmill.....not for grinding grain, but to power a circular saw; it is a saw mill.

It had been built in the 1860s.
But it had lain derelict for decades.
The new owner of he property has restored it and it is now properly recorded and listed....the only wind powered saw mill now in the UK.

Today was not suitable for wind powered sawing.
An electric motor was driving the belt today.

We climbed up inside.

Having visitors to the mill in the picture gives you an idea of its size.

Another garden we visited had extensive views to the North Downs.

Tea was prepared in one of the gardens.

Very pleasant with time to chat.

And good value....... Bill had two scones piled high with jam and cream ("we've got too much cream, so make sure you have a lot"), with 2 mugs of tea for £3.
Mine was similar - but I had chocolate cake (2 bits).

A converted barn.....with a tower.
Next door neighbours to the tea garden.

The pond was alive with sounds of croaking frogs.

My basket of golden oxalis which I bought at one of the houses.
It is on the fence outside our kitchen window.

I must add that, although I have never stopped in Buckland, I do have a special affection for it.
When I had my bladder cancer taken away, I was lucky enough to be in Buckland ward.
The staff on that ward made me feel cherished and secure......and the combination of all the staff saved my life Thank you Buckland!