Saturday, June 15, 2013


You can get anything at a boot sale!

You can buy anything at a car boot sale!
I have always said so.
I am looking back to this morning and almost wishing I could have bought one of the most unlikely things to find.
It was a bargain price and would, for sure, have come in useful one day!

I have been a sort of Second Hand Rose all my would seem apt to take my last journey in a boot sale item.
But where would we have stored it.....stored it for many years I am hoping?
They were asking £100.....I am sure I could have knocked them down a bit.

But I did buy unusual things today.
Well, perhaps a kitchen table no longer counts as unusual for me.
I bought a child's rocking chair with a woven string seat and back.
I had passed by an enamel item....which I assumed was a baby's bath.
But when I returned, the stall holders were referring to it as a bidet!!!
It can't be. It is a baby's's first days. It's only 18 inches long.

It is ideal these days for the garden with lovely flowers in it.
I think it will sell well.

I had stopped buying Bunnykins's a bit twee for my taste.
But recently I was out buying I succumbed to a few items. I sold a couple of them very quickly, so today I allowed myself to buy some more.

This is a Bunnykins bowl.

It was very windy again.....wish it would stop.
After our breakfast....I had sweet chilli noodles - we walked round to the river in Littlehampton.
The wind was fierce. I am no lightweight but I felt myself being pushed by it.

So we decided to drive home.
We got in and turned on the TV....saw the end of trooping the colour.
Lots of royalty and pageant.
Now comes a Bill-ism.......I think they will become much more common than the sayings of Frieda.
As we watched, Diana, Princess of Wales was mentioned. I think it was the Princess of Wales regiment firing the canons.
"What happened to her?"
Then after some thought....."Did she die?"
Now that one was pretty hard to miss, wouldn't you say? Until I provided him with some details of the death he wasn't completely convinced.
A bit later Prince Charles was on screen....".He didn't want to re-marry then?"
"Oh....he did."
"Who did he marry?"

It almost seems that everything in the last 20 years has been wiped out!
I have to wonder if that is my fault. Bill didn't, at all, go to pieces when I was very ill and he was facing widowhood.
But I will never know what was going on in his head and has been going on for these last 20 years.
Why has it all exploded in the last year?
Will we ever get any answers?

Time now for a restful evening.
We have lots of strawberries for this evening....from Ford of course. We might stroll up to the local shop and buy some cream (I'll only have a dribble!).