Friday, June 14, 2013


Birthday party.

We went to a children's party on our last Sunday in Thailand.
I should say "family" party......a child's birthday is a chance for lots of families to get together.
Parties start in the early evening.....not under the hot sun.
We have met most of the parents before.....almost feel like they are our friends.
Our grand daughter is the oldest of the children......and our visits have allowed us to watch all the children grow. Some I met as tiny babies.
It was Alex who was celebrating a birthday.....5 years old. He is the son of Ingo (German) and Kung (Thai). He has an elder brother, Fluk.. We have been with them to Khao Sok in the past.....and also with Diego (Italian) and his Thai wife, Ann and their daughter, Giuliana.

For the children, the first priority was plates of food.
Our grandson sits with a friend, who I cuddled as a baby.
Bother....forgotten his name.

Grandson with Fluk and Alex.

This is Artima.....older sister of the boy whose name I have forgotten.
Mother is Thai and father is Dutch.

Artima is an artist.
She drew a portrait of me on the etch a sketch type thing.

The children went indoors after eating their fill.

There were about a dozen of them and there was not an argument or any tears at any time.

Grand daughter kept herself amused with modern technology.

Adults out in the garden.
The women sit and gossip at one table.
Later, some of the women gathered to talk beauty products and things.

Men grouped themselves round the beer and put the world to rights.

Until it was black coffee time!

What has he spilled down his shirt?

Alex blows out candles and we all sing Happy English.
He is with his mother and his brother.
Alex is 5 now....but there are 6 candles. That's because in Thailand the day of your birth is your first birthday.
Father steps in to help cut the cake....a delicious ice cream cake.

The party continued....playing, talking, laughing, drinking and eating.

On the left is Giuliana (Julie) who we first met on our first visit in 2002....she was almost new born.

Thank you Kung and Ingo for the pleasure of being at the party.
Kung you worked so hard preparing some superb food.
A party like this is very much part of not being a hotel tourist. We feel we belong in Thailand. We get involved in family life and have friends.