Tuesday, June 18, 2013


What to do?

I feel a bit low.
Is this blog going to become the diary of a carer?
Just where are we going?
I have had advice from friends today that we (Bill and I) should see the doctor again.
I think my first step should be to see what advice the society devoted to memory loss problems, diagnosed or not, might give.
I phoned the National Society today.
I have left my name and number for them to ring back.
Tomorrow I will contact the local branch, based in Horsham.
Bill remembers so little.
Me: "I want to take a plant or something to Gemma, it is her birthday"
We only know one Gemma.
"Who is Gemma?"
 I explained.
She is our great niece.
"Where does she live?"
"In the town, Furnace Green....we've been there quite often. Your sister had her 60th birthday party there."
"Did we go to that?"
Then I have to explain how to get from Asda to their house over and over.
This is not normal. There is something wrong.
Maybe it is a something that nothing can be done for.
But I feel Dr O, having found there was no cause that he could deal with, then sort of fobbed us off. Go away! No advice on what to do next or how to monitor things.
Looks like I have talked myself into a return visit! It would just be easier to say I had advice from people with much experience.

I had a medical appointment today.....with the dentist.
Impresssions have been taken, top and bottom. I return next week to see how well the dentures fit....they won't be right. Measurements will have to be taken.
One day I will have top and bottom dentures.....and much as I don't like the situation as it is, I am not really looking forward to it.

And then we have the weather forecast to depress me.
I thought we had been promised a more settled week.
Tomorrow I want to go to the Ardingly Antiques Fair.....haven't been for years, it seems.
Of course I want to buy things; but it is also an opportunity to chat and learn; to see what is selling and what sort of prices are being asked.
There are indoor stalls (more expensive) and outdoor stalls...and the latter are the ones I most want to see.
And boo! There will be heavy overnight rain, not clearing until mid morning.
Jo and I have agreed to see what things are like  at 10 o'clock.
And the forecast for Thursday is much the same.....and I want to go to Ford.
Boo Hoo!

I'll end with a picture that made me smile.....posted on the memories of Crawley facebook page.
It was taken 1966 at Bishop Bell School.

It is such a good picture, capturing the essence of its time.