Monday, June 24, 2013


Today's work in Pilgrim's Antiques Centre Dorking. day;
or maybe sitting around doing not much day.
Suddenly I didn't want the latter so I decided on a grand rearrangement of my section in  Pilgrims Antiques Centre.
Some may know that I arrange my stuff roughly according to rooms in the house.....except I don't have enough space for for every room.
Today I wondered how it would be if I swapped over the kitchen and the nursery.
I am pleased with the result.

I sort of combine the nursery with mother's room.

Pretty kitchen ware.

That left the shelves between these two sections.
My non fiction books would have to go there.

I have books about local places, transport, collecting, children's books and maps.
Cookery booklets and homecraft books are in the kitchen.

I suppose by 1950s/60s stuff would be found in the dining room or the sitting room.
The only things not moved today are the things in the locked cabinet (part of which is on the right).
Though I did take out and sell a powder compact during the day.

Back to the nursery.
I had 3 romper suits; this is the only one left. I hope it can be seen better now.
The basket contains buttons and jewellery...1950s plastic jewellery (mostly ear clips).

This is the first view customers get of my section as they come up the 3 steps into the back room.

And that's the view from the back door.....not used by customers.

And now to be of Bill's shelves. Though it's not really fair because this is a shelf I have sort of taken over to encourage him to widen his stock.