Sunday, June 23, 2013


Chailey Jazz on the Green 2013.

At this time of year there are so many outdoor events......and quite a few get hit by the poor weather.
Fortunately for the village of Chailey in Sussex, the rain stayed away on this cloudy and windy day.
We have been to Jazz on the Green in Chailey today.
This event combined village fete with garden party.
There were some stalls, books, plants, bric a brac, food and drink and some games like coconut shy.
The green is small.....not a village green for playing village cricket.
It is not a village we have ever stopped in before....but have passed through many times on the way to Lewes and beyond.

The event today was on both sides of the track which leads off the road.....leads to the church and cottages and  a field where the dog show was held.

On arrival we were greeted by the sound of children's voices.....the school choir. They were outside the house on the left.

I didn't buy many books.
But it did entail a journey back to the car - passing the church.

I love  a grave stone which tells an enthralling story.
My goodness what an end for young Thomas Jeffery.

Blue Heaven....a spirited jazz band.

We each enjoyed a small glass of Pimms whilst listening to the jazz and chatting with folks.

Well we had to have an ice that I could take pictures of this very special ice cream van.

Do have a look at the web will see even more of how special this venture is.

Whoops! Don't look Bill! Reaching down into the freezer for the home made mango sorbet I requested.
It is all home made.

Inside the van.

Ooooh! Seamed stockings.

I think somebody found the experience of home made ice cream and vintage ice cream sellers just a bit too much!

It was delicious....the ice cream/sorbet, I mean

.Then we wandered round to the dog show.

Lots of happy dog owners and some very beautiful dogs.

This little lovely won a red (first place) rosette.

We had tentatively planned to meet a friend who I have not yet met at Chailey.....but she had gone to another event near Piltdown.
By the time we got to Piltdown that event was pretty well over. Shame!