Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Outwood Surrey.

We took a short walk in Outwood today.
There are many more miles of footpaths that we could have explored - but we didn't have time today.
We parked the car in The National Trust carpark.
The land of Outwood Common now belongs to The NT and formed part of the Harewoods Estate.
We know that the land is very mixed - woodland, fields, common land, lakes and ponds. Today we walked in the woods.
First we walked down to the lovely cricket field, set within the woodland.

At this point a tiny stream winds along at the bottom of a deep valley.
Fortunately it was not very muddy.
Perhaps The National Trust form of woodland management here has been to allow nature to take its course.
There were many fallen trees - moss covered and interesting.

The National Trust have built steps and bridges.

My reading on the internet before we set off had told me of the Outwood Butcher's shop.


There have been 4 generations of The Waltons, master butchers, running shops. This shop is situated on a minor road through the woods.
We arrived there from a woodland path and took another to take us back to the cricket field.

The meat is almost all locally sourced and lovingly prepared for sale.
We bought two different kinds of sausages and 2 meat pies - steak and mushroom. I do believe those pies (which we have just eaten with carrots and broccoli) were the best I have had.

I liked the butcher's carrier bag.

The Mill until recently could claim to be the oldest working windmill in the country.

Sadly, it doesn't appear to be working anymore.

Today's final destination - The Bell at Outwood.
We slumped into the leather sofa and enjoyed half a pint and  a packet of crisps.
Fine meals were available - but we had fine pies to look forward to.