Sunday, June 30, 2013


Brighton and Ditchling Beacon in the mist.

Today would be a good day for it.........
So yesterday evening we loaded the car with boxes and pasting tables to take to a car boot sale and make an attempt to clear out stock no longer wanted by me.
I didn't want with too early a start - B is not happy when I nag him to leave his bed too early.
Our choice was Brighton Racecourse.
We aimed to be there by quarter past eight. At that time few customers are about (still at the early sales) and until half past ten it is mostly dealers wandering about, having been prepared to pay more for first pickings and peace.
We should have been there earlier, for then we would have been in a sunny position.
Never mind, the sun would appear above the tall tree hedge which was giving us nothing but shade.
We worked hard getting all the stuff out and arranging it. The dealers were interested and were buying.

I wasn't really dressed for the shady spot; but never mind, it was warm work.........
and the sun would shine upon us in due course.

Half past ten.....time when the gates are open to those not wanting to pay the higher admittance price.
Lots of people queueing and pouring onto the site.
Mostly they were dressed for a sunny day.
And then this happened..................................

The cold white mist swirled across the downs, wrapping its cold clammy fingers around us.

Details of Brighton in the valley below were lost.

"Oh hell" I thought, "nobody will stay long and we still have lots to sell"
I really didn't want to do another boot sale.
So at that point I called out that everything was half the marked price. That got people interested and we sold much better than I expected.
Takings were less than I hoped (£195) but that other aim of clearing things out has been achieved.
We have three boxes ready to take to a charity shop.
So, basically I am well pleased.
We were cold and tired and when it was time to think of somewhere for lunch we didn't think past Wetherspoons at the marina. We sat with food and drink (nice hot cup of tea to start with) for nearly two hours.

We drove home over The South Downs to Ditchling Beacon.
That cold white mist still shrouded our world.

We whizzed past poppies in the mist.

Crow in the mist.

Gate in the mist.

Me in the mist.

That jacket had been amongst clothes I was clearing out.
But I couldn't sell it today - I needed it too badly.

We were not the only "idiots" up there in the cold.
This was a home made kite, with poorly glued together sticks and a black plastic bin liner!

South Downs in the mist.

The view from Ditchling Beacon.

Many of you will recognise the Ditchling Beacon view, taken on a good day in 2009.

Then it was time to drive down to the village and on to home.

Ditchling village in sunshine and under blue skies.
We had driven hardly a mile from the drop of The Beacon - but dropped down from quite a height.
Later, neighbours told us that the weather at home and been beautiful today.