Monday, July 01, 2013


China ladies of Pilgrims

It was Monday - and we were maybe hoping for a quiet one.
I dealt with sales, both those in the shop and the ones from yesterday at the Brighton boot sale.
My stock file is up to date.
Nothing of mine sold today - shame.
But plenty of things did.
Things that show how trends can be bucked.
I think we all accept that amongst things out of fashion are Royal Doulton china ladies and glass decanters.
But it was these things we had strewn across the desk today.
First the china ladies.

Rosemary on the left and Janine on the right.
They all have names.
We sold both these today along with Simone, Nina and Masquerade.
The two oriental women also bought some other bits and pieces.
One of their purchases was a bit unexpected.
A woman who has become like a friend often brings things in for me to buy.
Today she had a three tier cake plate - which, I didn't really like very much. But we agreed on £10 because I didn't want the dear old lady (she's 85) to have to carry it away.
She was with us when the Royal Doulton buyers were in.
One of them picked up the cake plate and asked the price; I told her £20.....might us well have our old friend making double the amount.
And straight away we were wrapping it up.

This is a saucer of the same pattern.

Then decanter man came in.
He must be a dealer - but didn't let on.
He had 4 decanters on the desk......which should he buy?
He got out one he had bought earlier (in another shop) to see how they matched up.
He bought 2 of them, and may be back for the other 2 on another day.

I like the busy, interesting days really.
But I was glad to get home and watch a bit of sport.
The Tour de France is under way and I enjoy coverage of that. The race began in Corsica this year.
And, of course, there is tennis from Wimbledon.
More surprises!

I have been very pleased to see photographs on Facebook from somebody I feel is a good friend, although we have never met.
We are both addicted to getting out and taking lots of photographs.
The difference being that she has the skill to turn them into paintings - which sell well.
Today she had walked on The Downs above the village of Firle and has a photograph of Mount Caburn that could be the painting of hers (one day) that I would like to buy.
I had hoped to meet her this weekend, but it is not to be. I am in the shop on Saturday and chiefing an athletics meeting on Sunday so will have to miss the Uckfield art trail.