Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Garden tomato

Today has been quiet - but not idle.
We did go out briefly to buy a few basic foodstuffs this morning.
This afternoon we have been gardening.
I had bought plants last Thursday at the Ford car boot sale and done nothing with them - except perhaps almost kill them.
They are now all in pots and I think will survive. I had the hose out afterwards.
Bill's work was harder - he had the lawn mower out.
Quite possibly it was this lawn mower's final outing.
Certainly it has stopped working and Bill is not sure what to do.
Jenny popped round for a while at lunchtime.
It has been school sports for her grand children today. I do hope that that school gets it together and survives.
And of course I have been keeping a beady eye on the tennis.
Our British players at Wimbledon sure know how to milk every last drop of emotion from any spectators who care.
Final set being played now - I think Andy Murray can win through.
And now  a picture.
This morning a friend posted a picture of a weird grape on facebook - reminds me of that old TV programmed "That's Life" when funny and slightly vulgar vegetables abounded.
My picture isn't weird - I think it's spectacular.

It was seen at our local farm shop a little while back.