Saturday, July 06, 2013


Dorking Independents in West Street.

All this fresh air and exercise is wearing me out!
Not that I was expecting exercise of any sort today.
It was a Saturday in the shop day - I would rather have been outdoors somewhere in the hot sunshine.
I surmised, correctly, that most other people felt the same.
It was a quiet Saturday - not without sales, but quiet.
I sold things of mine - can't be bad.
But the quietness made me feel a bit sorry for the organisers of an event.
It was Dorking Independents Day - yes, I did spell that correctly.
It had nothing to do with American Independence Day - it was to be a celebration of the small independent shops in the town.
West Street is a little off The High Street so we didn't see or hear very much.
This morning I went out to greet a stiltwalker.

This afternoon, as we sat almost dozing after lunch, the atmosphere livened up.
Woody arrived.
Woody is a one man band.

I tapped my feet, I jigged about a bit and then danced alongside him.

Being British, most people just walked on by - with a smile on their faces.

A rare sight - even for today.
West Street is part of the Dorking one way system and carries the main A25 road from Guildford to Reigate and beyond.
It is unusual for there to be no traffic.
There are few people too.

Monika came out of her shop for a quick dance.
No, the woman in white trousers didn't stop and join in!
People can miss the simple pleasures of life which make life interesting and worthwhile if their minds are closed - well, OK, she might have had an appointment to get to.