Monday, July 08, 2013


Another day in West Street.

Quite a manic day in the shop.
I am guessing we had one of the customers from hell....and I don't mean Chris (you remember Chris - he's a good customer he is), although Chris was actually with us today.
 A man came in and put out a whole load of kitchen bits on the floor - mostly mine.
And he also wanted another item that was £150 - best price!.
So we added up - £150 plus £20 for TJ and £70 for me. He had been offered more than standard discounts.
He then offered £200.
No! Can't do it. I explained to a man who feigned very poor English that I would have to give the dealers the £150 and the £20 and that would leave me just £30 for 7 items and no profit.
Eventually we agreed the asking price - and we shook on it.
We took off all the labels and wrapped everything and he got out the money  - £210!!!!!!
You see he had a small travelling clock with him - one of a few clocks he bought last Wednesday. He had a receipt.
"Broken - want return"
There was a small tear to the inner lining to the lid.
The seller assured me it had been perfect when it left the shop.
Quite rightly the seller was not prepared to return the £30 without seeing it. Possibly it could even be a different clock altogether.
I was patient, trying to explain. I smiled and was friendly. He was morose and made no eye contact.
Finally he realised that I was not going to let him have £30 off the total charge of what he had selected.
I told him when the seller would be in the shop, gave him our card with a phone number.
And he left......with his money and none of the things we had carefully wrapped.
And he also left with one of my kitchen items in his rucksack - I had assumed it was in the box we had found.
I was exhausted and I wonder if we will see him again.
Meanwhile I had the lovely Iris in - the 85 year old woman who likes to dabble.
I think she was somewhat gobsmacked at the more seedy side of shop life.
Before we could make a cup of tea a regular mother and daughter came in. They sell at fairs and in a big antiques centre in London.
They are very pleasant.
The desk was soon piled with their chosen items and I was busy phoning our sellers for best prices.
We got prices all sorted and then we were removing labels and wrapping once again.
We had not had time to clear the "rotter's" box full.
It was almost half past one by the time we got a cup of tea and a bite to eat.
Then in walked Chris,
"Yes, we remember you, Chris; yes, you are a good customer"
Old packaging and tins are quite collectable. Jo has some just now- old packets of tea in paper wrappers not cardboard boxes.
Chris brought one to the desk.
Is this rare? Would I find one anywhere else? Why don't they make tea packets like that anymore?
And so on.
I went and got a picture book I have about the 1950s packaging, tins etc by Robert Opie and found a picture of almost exactly the same packet.
"It's in a book - it must be rare"
"Why is it rare?" And we start the same questions all over again.
Finally off he went with his rare ornamental packet.
Now, quick, Paula get some of the things done that you planned.
I took in a heavy kitchen table - needed 2 of us to carry it. So I had to do a bit of re-organisation.
Guess what I swapped the kitchen and the nursery back over. Might as well have the kitchen items with the kitchen table.
It is just as well that I had written up most of what I had bought at Ford last week; there was no time to write up the dolls and Noddy clock that I planned to deal with during the day and put in the locked cabinet.
Home to chill out......think I might spend tomorrow sitting in the garden with a book!