Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Business and beer

Got up late and have been running late all day.
But it didn't matter for today was always meant to be a day for re-charging batteries.
We did have to pop into town - we walked.
I use head phones with my radio at night so as not to disturb Bill.
I needed a new set and as luck would have it Poundland had some that will do very well.
We also needed to go to the bank.Maybe I am going to have to pick up the reins of banking more than I want.
But today I began something I have wanted for some time.
Many years ago our insurance man (remember such people?) turned into a financial adviser.
Some of the advice was fair and good.
But somehow we did go in a direction that I was never really comfortable travelling along.
We have a portfolio of shares.
Many people do and have no qualms.
I have been so disinterested in money matters that I have no idea whether this portfolio is doing anything for us or not - probably not.
I want to be rid of the portfolio and transfer the money into ISAs.
The bank clerk found me number to phone so that I can ask them to close the account - basically sell the shares back.
When this transaction is secure the bank can then help me turn the money into ISAs.
It was a hot day and I suggested we call in somewhere for half a pint.
The town has a number of pubs in the old town.
Maybe The White Hart - too noisy and with thumping music.
Maybe The George - haven't been in there for years. It was the normal gathering place for us young folks way back then. It is now a Ramada Hotel - and there is no pub!
Maybe The Jubilee Oak - the ever familiar Wetherspoons. We might have stayed but we had decided on toasted paninis with our drink........and they didn't have any.
Maybe The Brewery Shades - just perfect. A lovely old building, a huge leather sofa - a very good place to relax and the music was muted and more to our taste.
The original building dates from the 1500s, though there has been expansion and change since then of course.

Bill used to take me in there on early dates - he used to drink Mackeson; I might have had vodka and lime.
We sat enjoying the relaxation for longer than intended.
Then to Taj - an Asian shop for green grocery stuff. What a lovely aroma! And they have tiny little cucumbers sold by the kilo, which taste so good.
We were home for a cup of tea by quarter past three.
Then I set myself up in the garden to write up a couple of boxes of stock that have been sitting round for a long time.
I didn't do very much.
I was bothered by pain.
Yesterday morning I woke with pain in my shoulder and neck. Today it has felt worse.
Hope it will go away soon - meanwhile its soothing gel and Ibuprofen tablets.
Early to bed. Maybe get the ironing done before nine o'clock when it starts to get hotter.