Sunday, July 14, 2013


Evening walk.

Lazing on a sunny the summertime.
At last we could all be a part of The Kinks image.
We were lazy this morning, too - very late to get up.
We visited family before lunch.
Lovely - time to sit and laze and chat in the sunshine.
I was happy to meet up with somebody who had given me support and encouragement when I was in hospital for months.
Now we could, again, share experiences that life challenges us with.
After lunch I sat with my stock book and things bought in the last week and got them ready to take to the shop.
And I watched the athletics, British trials on TV at the same time.
Later I found that the TV was still on and I had been sleeping through Escape to the Country.
Cooked sausages - those we had bought at the superb Outwood butchers a couple of weeks back on one of our walks.Very tasty dinner.
Watched the Tour de France as we ate dinner.
Mont Ventoux is an amazing place - so bleak. Cycling up it must be so hard.....and today it was one of our own who got to the top first.
Chris Froome doesn't have the high profile of some of our top cyclists - but he has been tipped to win Le Tour from the start.
Today it looked more possible.
And I would have watched cricket - but we don't have a pay for channel that shows the Test matches.
And as we ate dinner I heard Bill suggest that we go out for a drink.
It is rare for him to make suggestions to go out and have fun and I jumped at the chance.
We went to Tilgate Park and had a drink at The Inn in the Park - rather expensive I thought; but then, it is a Smith and Western pub.
Then as dusk fell, we we went for a walk.

There had been lots of family and community groups having picnics in the park on this hot Sunday.
The group of musicians remained.

Yellow flower in the flashlight.

Blackberry flowers.

I enjoyed taking photographs of flowers when it was almost dark.