Friday, July 12, 2013


Fox at St Johns Church, Crawley.

Today was to have been routine - and in most ways it was.
There was ironing to be done, a lawn mower to check over and a bit of food shopping to buy.
All that was completed.
But one brief encounter in the church yard made the day special.
We walked through St John's churchyard from the Asda car park to go to our bank.

There he was resting amongst the gravestones.

I was keeping my distance - but walked round the other side of him, leaving Bill and a couple of other men across where I had first stood.
Foxy didn't like watchers on 2 sides of him.
He walked off.
For a moment it looked like he was going to enter the church.

But he didn't feel the welcome offered on the banner and came back out.

I wonder what Martha Mary would have thought of foxy.

One of the men went and found foxy a drink from one of the little shops in Church Walk.
It has been very hot today.

Pests they maybe - but a fox is a very beautiful pest.