Thursday, July 18, 2013


Littlehampton in reds, oranges and yellows.

This morning I bought a pram - a bright orange/red pram.
No, of course there is no new baby in the household - my pram is a doll's pram.

As soon as I was pushing it round the car boot sale, I knew that I wanted the world to see my pram.
I began to plan a new window display at the shop.
Next Monday I will create a window of reds, yellows and oranges - the colours of flames; the colours of heat - and we have had lots of heat haven't we, in the UK?
Those colours were in my head as we walked round Littlehampton; I enjoy that challenge - limiting my photography to a theme.
I began in The George - the Wetherspoon's pub, where we are known to the staff and various other customers. A time to chat in there.

A lamp shade over the bar.

The old sailor man, John, likes photography and was impressed with the idea and the picture.
I should have returned later with the rest of them for him to see.

No bathing on the beach close to the river estuary.

Lots of school trips to Littlehampton and also trips for groups of disabled people today.
I am assuming that 60 years ago  there was  coach parked just there with a group of us from a Sunday School trip.

I didn't buy the hat.

This afternoon there has been a lot of sleeping.
The intention had been to sort out the things I had bought and watch Le Tour de France.
I half watched the cycling - but no stock was sorted.
Though thoughts of the shop were not far from my mind.......really can't wait for Monday and the new window display.
I can have a good look round on Saturday for suitable items from other people's shelves and cabinets.