Monday, July 15, 2013


Window dresser.

I think it is possible that some people who know me think I am crazy.
I like to be busy.
But after a hard day's work I might tend to agree with that opinion.
I am exhausted.
And I didn't need to do it!
The antiques shop window has been taken over by one of our dealers and she makes a good job of it. But she was injured in a fall recently and hasn't been able to do it.
One or two others have had a go.
But it is very time consuming and maybe it hasn't been changed often enough - for a couple of weeks it has looked a bit dull and increasingly empty and patched together.
I had nothing much planned for the day. So, I phoned the one who had last done the window and suggested I have a go. I certainly wouldn't want to tread on any toes.
He seemed quite glad to lose responsibility for it this week.
So off I went - to work.
First the window space had to be cleared. Window dressers must find that hard.....because after a couple of weeks, the spaces each item came from have been filled by fresh stock.
So, I had to play around a bit in other people's sections just to get things back on the shelves.
All the time I was taking things away I was hunting out other things that I might use.
My theme was summertime - picnics, holidays, summer sports, a bit of eating and drinking.
The space is quite small really - but it's amazing how much can be packed into it.
I threw the blanket down - one of my 1950s blankets and fetched a picnic set and a beautiful gramophone. (Yes, one day I will contact you at the blanket museum in Germany)
This was to be a vintage picnic!
It is hard to take pictures of the window. The street is narrow and window panes pick up every reflection from across the road.
The only way I could do it was to take small sections with the camera lens right on the window glass.
It is a bit thrown together - I could do better, with more thought.
But I am pleased that I made the effort and hope that the window will attract the attention of a different sort of buyer than the last window, which had items of finer quality.

Yes, it was worth it.
But exhausted now - of course.

On a different note, I must pass on news that Clare Juliette has got the referral to the specialist as was hoped for.