Monday, July 22, 2013


Giving my all in the heat of the day.

Mad dog or Englishman?
Well, neither - for I have not been out in the midday sun.
But then neither have I been relaxing in the cool.
The first job of the day was to decide what to do with the white Lloyd Loom type cupboard that I bought yesterday.
With quite a major tweak of the window display I decided that I could fit the cupboard in.
I moved things around and got Bill to lift it into one end of my shop window.
Gradually I had it all looking as I wanted.
Then in walks Iris - my old lady who brings me things; today she brought us home made fresh cream meringues too.
"I wonder if that nice white cupboard would fit into my bedroom" - she has just moved to a new flat.
She asked for me to measure it.
Later she phoned to say she would have it.
Nest week there will have to be another new arrangement in the window.
And we will deliver the cupboard to Iris.

At last time for a cup of tea........and those meringues.
Time, too to sort out the sales of last week.
And time to write up other new items of stock that I took in today.
Keep drinking, Mother!

Steve has been in the shop today today, too. He must be exhausted.
With the outbuildings behind the shop being demolished, we, in the shop, need new "facilities".
Steve was putting in a new sink and draining board by the back counter.
Our present little kitchen will have to be converted into a loo.
Until we get these new facilities, we will have to use a builder's temporary loo for a few weeks, I think.
I advised Steve not to rush.
As long as he can get things "good enough" we will all be happy until he is sure of what he wants to do.

Bill and Steve went out at lunchtime.

By the time Bill got back, heat and cider had him feeling weary.
It was time for him to write up new stock that we had found yesterday.
"I think I'll just take it home he again" he suggested.
I offered to do it for him - just a simple job.
Well, it would have been simple if I hadn't wanted to display things differently!
So, I sorted out his section.

Yes, I really was weary by the time I had finished.
It had all felt fun until I had finished.
Head drooped; I wanted a cool sit down. Thank you Steve for bringing in a fan.