Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Housework! Quite a lot of it.
It isn't that I feel the need to impress our visitors. Clare may have changed in many ways, but I doubt that she can be impressed by housework having been done. That much doesn't change!
I like things looking clean and tidy and am glad that I may not have to do much whilst we provide a summer holiday.
I have made a preliminary foray into the supermarket for the things that Ecky will eat.......her menu hasn't got any wider or more interesting.
At lunchtime we managed to get the skype camera working  - for some of the time and we have seen and talked with the Thai family.
We will try and get all the family together on skype next week.
Some plans have been made for next week - a trip to Wiltshire and an afternoon at Avebury - the manor and the stones.
One plan that hasn't yet been made is for me to see the dentist. There is something seriously wrong with my man - he has been off work for some weeks now. They told me that the wheels are in motion to get a locum in.
I will miss my dentist completing my dentures for me - but I really look forward to the final set being made ready.
Now I am sitting with dye on my hair....nothing dramatic, no real change; apart from covering the dowdy grey that I have been blessed with.
Clare has gone red - wonder if I should have dared!
Right, I must and sort my hair out now - I want to be back down to watch Who Do You Think You Are?
Tomorrow morning we will go to Ford.....though the met office web site suggests it will be raining hard first thing.