Monday, July 29, 2013


Friday on the rocks.

Time to catch up on some pictures.
We'll look at last Friday.
We walked near Weir Wood Reservoir.

At the rocks above the reservoir.

Bridge over a stream.

Bridge carrying The Bluebell Railway.

Later we climbed up to the railway to cross over to the other side.

Stile with most of its parts missing.

We knew we were on the footpath - the sign in the middle of the field told us so.

We completed our walk and then drove to West Hoathly for a quick half at The Cat.

Then we had a look at the church.

Saw these jolly plant "pots".

Terraced churchyard - full of graves.
The bottom field looks like a good place to be buried.
Hard for coffin bearers though.

Today has been busy at the shop.
Busy doing what?
It certainly wasn't the window again - that is now firmly back in the grasp of the regular window dresser.
Sales were pretty good - began the day with a flintlock pistol!

No blog tomorrow night. Staying with my brother and looking forward to the company and trips out.