Saturday, July 27, 2013



Another day with no pictures.
Some were taken and are displayed on my facebook page. They'll arrive here at some point.
Clare and I went to a small car boot sale first thing. We bought some clothes - 20p and item. This included a fine knitted jacket for Clare, originally from Next.
Time to relax then.
But what should we do later?
Much checking on weather forecasts.
We decided not to go to the Edenbridge boot sale - heavy rain forecast. That would keep sellers away.
We stayed in Crawley and went to the Crawley Mela.
Mela is Sanskrit for "gathering".
Crawley put on a multi cultural festival of music, dance, community affairs, stalls, food etc.
We ate Sri Lankan.
We were there for 2 hours before the heavens opened and the wind attempted to lift tents and gazebos.
We got wet through getting back to the car.
Home to watch the athletics from the Olympics Stadium - hoping to catch a glimpse of my friend Donna who was on auxilliary duties.
She has been hob-nobbing with Usain Bolt!
Time for bed now - off to Brighton very early for car boot sales.