Friday, July 26, 2013


Not another late night.

There should be pictures.....but I am not allowing another late night.
I have been in town this morning, buying fruit from the market.
This afternoon we have walked.....a walk that Bill and I began in January on a very cold day when puddles were iced up.
But the mud was still wet and slippery and Bill tumbled into it. We needed to get home.
Our walk began at the rocks above Weir Wood Reservoir.
We continued onwards.
Under the newly extended Bluebell railway, until we turned back on another footpath which took us up the side of an embankment to the railway itself.
All was quiet!
Huh! They wouldn't let me wait for a steam train to puff by.
And of course about 10 minutes later as we walked over a rickety stile we heard one.
Back to the rocks.
Then to West Hoathly for our customary half pints and a walk round the church.
Tomorrow is day one of a bootsale weekend. Clare is looking out for more clothes - maybe E Minor and me will also find some clothes.
Who knows...a car boot sale is an adventure.
I will put pictures on tomorrow.