Sunday, August 04, 2013


Today at the sales, last Wednesday in Wiltshire.

Up at dawn....well, shortly afterwards.
Realised just how much the days are closing in now.
Clare and I went to Pease Pottage for a boot sale - one I normally avoid.
If nothing else I reminded myself why I avoid it.
It's  a great place for buying children's clothes and baby things and modern plastic toys of many kinds.
There tends to be an abundance of TV celebrities biographies and this morning we saw umpteen copied of 50 Shades of Grey.
Stall after stall looked much the same.
We continued south and went to the sale at Poynings and felt more at ease.
There were some interesting things there.
Perhaps my best buy was a brand new microwave oven for £10.
We bought no clothes this morning - mostly books and DVDs and CDs.
We drove on up to Devil's Dyke for a drink.

But now I will look back to last Wednesday, when we were still in Wiltshire.
In the morning we were in Devizes and then walked a little by the Kennet and Avon Canal at the Caen Hill staircase of 29 locks.

In the afternoon we walked into the village and visited the museum

The curator, my brother, was busy finding information for visitors.

Others in the family sat in the churchyard with icecreams.

We did some posing in doorways on the way back to R and S's house.

I took a stroll round R and S's garden.

The event of today's evening has been the announcement of who will play the next Dr Who.
Our 12 year old was tweeting within seconds!
Good luck Peter Capaldi.