Saturday, August 03, 2013


Fashion on a budget.

A weekend of car boot sales has begun.
First with an early morning trip a few miles to Faygate.
I bought one thing to sell on - well, two because one of the maps is one we already have.
The 7 maps are from the latest OS range of Explorer maps - normally about £8 each - and I paid just £2 and I can get all that back by selling the duplicate copy.
Then there were DVDs bought - many.
The father of the seller had been a film enthusiast and had masses of early films on cine. He then had them transferred to DVD and they were being sold at 10p a time.
And of course there were clothes.
Why buy in shops? Normally we would be buying cheap clothes in shops of lesser quality; at car boot sales we can buy good quality items for next to nothing.
I bought a dark green suede coast......I think a similar item bought in a Horley charity shop at least 15 years ago can go now.
Clare bought clothes, of course.
The car boot sale gives her the chance to try out different styles of quality items.
She now has a winter coat with detachable lining from the designer Animal - means nothing to me.
Later we went to another boot sale at Edenbridge.
It was hot and it seemed hard to find anything at first.
But I have a few things to sell on......and yet more clothes.
We could have created a wonderful fashion show this evening between the pair of us......but couldn't be bothered.
We did have a chance to see Clare in a new outfit.

Never realised before, but Clare has inherited my legs!
They are "not bad" legs....indeed I feel quite proud of mine.
After all those slim pins have to support quite a barrel of a body!

After the Edenbridge sale we went into the village - large village.
We had drinks in a 14th century pub.
It was a good place to be and cheesy chips got ordered too. It was the sort of pub that don't make profits where they shouldn't - a pint of soda and lime was 40p.

I asked him to smile.......and he did.

I sat looking at this window in a door and it fascinated me.

We went out for tea with family members. Clare came home with his "step grandmother's" shoes!

My grand daughter hardly puts her kindle down.

She told me that school has asked for pictures of people reading in unusual places.
So this one will be printed for that collection.
I love the picture and I also love the slightly different version below.

Tomorrow we will be up even earlier than today for 2 large car boot sales between home and Brighton.