Saturday, August 10, 2013


Milk shake and sunset.

Yesterday we went to Hove - George Street in Hove.
It is a good street in which to potter and maybe find interesting things - lots of charity shops.
We arrived quite late and chose a cafe in the pedestrianised street with tables out side.
Here are some pictures of Bill.

He had a strawberry milkshake with cream on top.

Creamy finger!

He ate ham, eggs and fancy stuff.

Looks content, doesn't he?

I gave our grand daughter £10 to spend - most of it went on bottles of nail varnish with interesting colours. Clare got a couple of necklaces and a denim skirt and jacket. I bought a hat and Bill had what was basically a 1st class air passenger's goody bag. The bits inside will be useful and the zip up leather case will be for stop watches and other bits for timekeeping.

Today Clare and I have been to 2 car boot sales.
We enjoyed buying clothes in the field at Faygate. It is amazing what you can find.
We bought 10 items which were nominally £1 each. This included a long winter coat from BHS  in very fine condition and a brand new new John Rocha skirt (price tag said £40 for the skirt!). Both of these were for Clare!!!! I was cheeky and asked what the guy could do the 10 items for and he said £6.
Dressing well, and in style doesn't need to cost very much at all.
Later we went to Edenbridge - and mostly ignored the clothes. It is so easy to have too many clothes!
I managed to buy some little bits and bobs to add to my section at the shop.
This evening we had a stroll at Tilgate.

Yellow water lily - also known as spatterdock.

Happy Clare.

A burnt tree root..........but I see an animal.

Tomorrow will be our last day out with Clare and our grand daughter - until we go and see them again.
We plan to go to Shoreham early and then into Worthing to watch people flying off the pier.