Monday, August 05, 2013


A Monday.

Monday - off to the shop for a quiet day sitting down.

To be honest, customers didn't disturb us much today.......not until 5 minutes before closing.

But they had disturbed my stock.

Pick it up, look at it then dump it on the kitchen table!

The table just couldn't be seen.

So, I needed to sort that out and to find spaces for some of the new stock that I have found 

in the last days.

It seemed to take most of the morning.

I still have things on the table.

We saw an etherium - for drinking water in the old kitchen at Avebury Manor last week.

I found the magazine rack yesterday.

It is so 1930s.

It was probably hand made and feels very charming.

There is a dog on the other side - a different breed of dog.

This afternoon I was busy writing up books and things and making sure they were priced.

Steve has been busy - still working on plumbing. We have a working indoor loo now and by next week

 we should have hot water for the kitchen sink.

Bill and Steve popped out for lunch together.

We were late leaving - helping the late customers.

A set of 6 boxed claret glasses and 3 sherry glasses for one couple. And a woman bought a Royal 

Worcester casserole and a jug.

It made the sales figures for the day look worthwhile.