Thursday, August 08, 2013


Long day.

Long, long day.
So many hours to look back on.
Ford first.
Then drive to far reaches of West Sussex to the village of Milland.
There was no good reason really for going there - but we did.
Milland is on the flat ground beneath a steep escarpment. Once that area was known as Milland in the Marsh and the community was at the top of the hill.
It may well be a good centre for walking - but we are not good walkers. But walk we did.
We wound around until we were at the top of the hill and found both the old ruined chapel and the Victorian church alongside it - known as the church in the woods.
All pleasant enough.
There will be photos tomorrow.
This evening we have entertained some from family - drinks of various sorts, savoury nibbles and fruit and at the last moment I decided on a little dish of beautiful hard boiled quail's eggs.
And so to bed - getting on for midnight.