Saturday, August 17, 2013


The Saturday news.

It has been my monthly Saturday in the shop.
Saturdays bring many more people through the door than on weekdays - and hopefully, therefore, more sales.
Sales were OK - we don't expect so much in August - the holiday season; people are spending their money elsewhere.
I enjoyed the day - busy with the money and the sales book, opening cabinets and so on.
Bill went out with Steve for lunch - he does like that little treat (Bill that is).
Claudia was with us for lunchtime and the afternoon.
Lots of chatter and laughter.
Claudia and I were checking our phones every now and then for latest football scores; she was the content one, Fulham having won. I was disappointed to see Crawley losing.
Jolly fun!
But there did seem to a knowing hush from all when Bill asked me where a close relation lived.
Next Thursday we will be attending an event in aid of St Catherine's Hospice at the home (hopefully the garden) of my sister in law, A.
"Where do you think she lives?" I asked Bill.
He thought she lived at Colgate........she did once for a few years. It must have been almost 40 years ago that she and my brother moved from there.
Bill couldn't remember where they moved to and wanted to suggest that he had never been there.
Oh dear!
Perhaps I need a new blog to record such episodes and maybe share things with others in a similar situation.
No two people's situations are the same - but the underling anxiety is the same.
I have a contact in the USA  who has worries about her husband too.
But both the men are happy and unconcerned - and long may that continue.