Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The first day of our futures.

So, Clare and young E have left us; left us to embark on the next phase of their futures.
The gradual progress towards femininity for Clare - laser treatment at a beauty parlour tomorrow; the first treatment of many.
E will begin a new school year which will include acting as Prospero (The Tempest) in November.
My day has been one of clearing up.....housework was way down on the list of priorities for the last 3 weeks.
The beds are stripped and some laundry done.
I altered the feel of the kitchen/dining room/study by removing the mats when I cleaned the floor.
Tomorrow I must clean upstairs.
This afternoon Bill went for a blood test.
At the hospital he demonstrated again that his brain is not in the present.
He set off for the place where the bloods clinic used to be some years ago and was not at all sure that I was right when I directed him to the place where in the last 7 or 8 years we must have been about 70 times.
Dinner was fun - I had both time and the need to use things up.
I prepared onions, broccoli, mushrooms and last night's left over potatoes and added a white sauce flavoured with nutmeg, paprika and harissa and served it with plain omelettes.
I have also been on that project of going through all the photos stored on the computer since 2006.
Such a lot of rubbish (just why did I take that?) amongst the ones that please me.
Wow! I have now been through the first 3 months - only another 81 to go.
I shall save all meaningful pictures - photographs of people and also those that still have something to say about the time when they were taken.
Here is one.

How she has changed!
In 2006, aged 5, she would chat away all day with me. We invented stories and characters - princesses, butterflies and had fun.
Adolescence has cut down communication with adults. Boring! She prefers to communicate with her peers.
I am glad that this has included her Thai cousin too.
But whatever he age, she is a fascinating character.