Monday, August 12, 2013


The turning of the seasons.

There's a kind of sadness in the air this evening; there shouldn't be, but I feel it.
Tomorrow morning Clare and our grand daughter return home - back to the joys of their own world.
And everybody should find joy in the reality of their own world - they have so much to look forward to. There is much to do and much to learn and much developing to do.
Clare feels impatient that progess will have to be slow - but knows that she will get there some day.
To be truly 'she' will be wonderful.
I shall be left feeling somewhat empty.
I still have my loving husband - but the memory loss does mean that he is not now quite the same.
I hope that some help can come our way before the progress of his change becomes too rapid.
Tonight I feel balanced on a pivot - not quite sure how life will fall.
But the future has to be a mystery......what will be will be. Long ago I learned to immerse myself in my present time and not to plan for the future too much.
I learned, too, to make the most of life as it unfurls.
Today's present time has been spent in the shop. I didn't plan for much physical activity - we all need some rest after joyous holiday days.
I had to do a tiny amount of sorting - mainly because somebody came and bought my tea trolley. I had priced it up to sell, but it had become very useful for displaying things.
Sales have been good today - good enough to keep the brain alert.

Finally thanks to my brother for not reprimanding his flibbertigibbet sister!
I suggested that another's blog about Milland, where we went last week, had been written by somebody we both know.
Not so......almost identical name and a similar face and similar age.