Friday, August 16, 2013


Rudgwick Walk. pass the signpost to it as you travel to Guildford/Horsham on the A281.
What is Rudgwick? What will we find in the village?
I can hardly answer those question even though we walked there today.
It is a long thin village and far from the A281 we found the pub and the church,

We ordered some soup and our regular half pints.
The bar is a long barn like room on the first floor.

Through a pub window to a house with the mournful name of Woes House.
The church from the pub's balcony...........................................and the handle and keyhole on the                                                                                                       church door.

Somewhat remote cottage with trompe l'oiel. It was just a wall.

In the deep dark woods, a grave stone or memorial inscription.

We began on The Sussex Border Path and then onto a local footpath.
At this point we joined The Downs Link a footpath created along the old railway course from Guildford to the coast at Shoreham.
The railway went through Baynards Tunnel. Today the footpath climbs steeply up and over the hill.
We climbed too and turned back onto the Sussex Border Path.
Footpaths have stiles.
Old people have problems!
I couldn't help but recall the story my Dad used to tell to us - The Old Woman and Her Pig........"Pig won't jump over the stile and we won't get home tonight"

Eventually the old man's brain managed to tell legs what to do! Then it was my turn.

At last we got back to the pub and the church where we had begun.
And what had we seen of Rudgwick? Well, almost nothing for we had walked around it.
It seems to be quite a wealthy village with much new development.

Perhaps it has always been so - riches in Rudgwick, The rhyme was in the pub.